QES Portal operated by private company Disig a.s. allows end users to electronically sign documents and validate documents signed with an electronic signature. The presented solution demonstrates the technological capabilities of Disig QES Portal, which integrates Disig QES Signer and Disig Web Signer applications.

Service operates in two independent modes:

  1. In "eIDAS QES" mode in accordance with eIDAS Regulation
    • Creates signatures accepted in member states of European Union
    • Validates signatures created in member states of European Union
  2. In "SK ZEP" mode in accordance with the old Slovak Law on electronic signatures
    • Creates signatures accepted by government institutions of Slovak Republic
    • Validates signatures created by government institutions of Slovak Republic

QES Portal selects the operating mode automatically depending on the type of file being processed.

Several complementary technologies are used in both operation modes, such as qualified electronic time stamps that add trusted confirmation of document existence at the time of signing.

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