Getting support

Despite the fact that QES Portal services are available free of charge, we are doing our best to provide support to everyone. We ask for patience and understanding that, given the limited resources, we cannot provide anything other than e-mail based support or guarantee the response time. If you need help or if you have any questions about the portal, you can contact us via contact form. Before you contact us, please make sure that your problem is not already described in the list of common issues or its solution is not available in user guide of Web Signer application.

Installation of signing application

Viewing and signing of electronic documents on this website is performed by Disig Web Signer application. Click the button bellow to start the wizard that will check the ability of your browser to run Web Signer application and will help you quickly set everything up:

Start installation wizard

Common issues

1) An error gets displayed when Web Signer application is working with Slovak eID card

Web Signer application may display one of the following errors when it is working with Slovak eID card:

  • Any error message containing "CKR_FUNCTION_FAILED" text in the error details
  • "System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException" with description "An internal error occurred"
  • "System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException" with description "Provider DLL failed to initialize correctly"

In most cases this means there is a communication problem between the signing application and eID card. It may be caused by the card reader incorrectly connected to the computer, eID card incorrectly inserted into the card reader, or by the internal error of eID card driver.

We recommend trying one or more of the following actions:

  • Disconnect card reader from computer, reconnect it again an make sure it is connected correctly.
  • Remove the card from the reader, insert it again and make sure it is inserted firmly and not upside down or reversed.
  • Restart application "Aplikácia pre eID" and its component "Propagátor Certifikátov".
  • Reinstall eID card related software that can be downloaded from

If the problem persists, please contact technical support of Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic who is official provider of "Aplikácia pre eID" application. Their call center telephone number is 0800 222 222.

Frequently asked questions

1) What are possible results of signature validation?

QES Portal distinguishes between four possible signature states and uses the following color representation for them:

Valid (full validation)

The signature has been confirmed to be valid.

Valid (partial validation)

The signature structure has been confirmed to be valid but it has not yet been possible to confirm the validity of all certificates e.g. due to outdated certificate revocation data. After a short time (typically in a couple of hours), it will be possible to fully validate the signature as Valid or Invalid.


The signature has been confirmed to be invalid. The reasons may be several e.g. content of the document has been changed, signature was created after the revocation of signing certificate etc.


Validation process has used all available information but was unable to automatically determine the validity of the signature. The reasons may be several e.g. some data is temporarily unavailable or signing certificate has expired and the signature does not contain a valid time stamp.

2) Why is the validation result "Valid (partial validation)"?

Signature is determined to be "Valid (partial validation)" when it is necessary to wait (usually a few hours) for a new list of revoked certificates to be issued by one of the certification authorities that issued certificates used in the validation process. Information on when it will be possible to fully validate the signature is provided by "Validates at" field in "Details" section of the validation result.

3) Does the signature created with QES Portal contain a time-stamp?

Yes, QES Portal automatically adds qualified time-stamp to every created signature. Time-stamps are issued by qualified trust service TSA Disig.

4) Are the documents signed on QES Portal accepted by the government institutions of Slovak Republic?

Yes, the documents signed on QES Portal are generally accepted by the public institutions and by the central government portal

5) Why did not the government institution accept the signed document?

The reason of document rejection must be explained by the institution that rejected the document. We would be grateful if you could inform us about such event via the contact form.